Compact HPL

Thank you for choosing HPL Compact as an aesthetic decorative material that enjoys durability and cleanliness, as the manufacture of HPL depends on proven technology developed to resist the requirements of use, despite the high durability of Compact and characterized by a non-porous surface, but it needs permanent care in order to ensure the survival of the value of the product

the definition :

It is a kind of compact paper consisting of (TI layer; Kraft layer) that is resistant to fire and high temperatures, water, bacteria, wear and corrosion and is a non-porous homogeneous material that is easy to clean and is anti-stain and shock; Compact is analyzed by the research laboratory and we have certificates of that.


Bathroom partitions, doors, urinals, restaurant tables, restaurant tables, lockers, wall binders, consultations, and laboratory discs. It is also used in surfaces exposed to: chemicals used in lotions, solvents, antiseptics, dyes, bleaching agents, cosmetics and medicines.


12mm & 13mm


1830MM * 1830MM