Corian Definition

Corian is a material of interior design for floors and furniture, its shape is similar to natural marble, and it is made from a mixture of marble and aluminum powder and some other chemicals that give it easy to form and a light weight besides its hardness and resistance to corrosion and humidity. Its current look and qualities are more aesthetically pleasing to the home.
The characteristics and advantages that are characterized by Corian
  • It is a suitable material for interior design, and it is not affected by UV rays
  • Korean pieces are bonded with special adhesives and there is no appearance of spaces between the pieces
  • Corian does not contain pores and is therefore easy to clean and does not collect dirt easily
  • Inert substance, and in the case of fire, the gases that are released from its combustion are non-toxic
  • You can easily fix its defects by using carpentry tools
  • Corian is a transparent material. Therefore, it can be easily grafted using lights and lamps to create special aesthetic decorative touches
  • It is completely waterproof and antibacterial, which makes it a good choice for use in hospitals, bathrooms or surgical areas, which require high hygiene.
Corian Imperfections
Any of the raw materials, whatever their quality and characteristics, there are certainly many faults that cannot be ignored And Corian, like any product, also has flaws. The first is its high cost and some others are flaws, for example:
  • Its use of surfaces may expose it to deformation when exposed to high temperature, although it is said to resist up to 205 ° C.
  • The relative ease of scratching
  • Korian is sensitive to some chemicals such as acetone and some solvents.
Methods of Care and Maintenance of Corian
Care and maintenance of designs that contain corian is considered easy and simple, as corian as we mentioned is a non-porous material, so it does not easily get dirty and resists stains, so it is also a healthy material as we mentioned because it does not facilitate the growth of germs and attach them to it because there are no pores and voids between the corian pieces Some are. You will love to use it in kitchens and bathrooms, but be careful not to overheat. In general, corian is one of the easy materials to clean and sterilize, and it does not need much to maintain.
Corian Price
You can get Corian material in many different colors and shapes. Corian prices vary based on your choice of furniture, whether straight or curved and special designs. Although Corian is considered a somewhat expensive material, but compared to its features it is not considered expensive at all. Corian is a really comfortable material in the world of interior design.
Corian and kitchen designs
In a modern kitchen, the surfaces can be stunning if designed with a Korean. Especially since the colors and patterns that you can choose from are many and varied, you will be able to combine with a very ingenious genius between the Corian and the design of tiles or the linings that you have chosen for the walls and floors. This may expose your surfaces to stains and deformations, and it is a good idea to always use heat-insulating pieces before placing any hot pot on its surface.
Corian and modern bathrooms
You can use the Korian in modern bathroom designs, such as bathtubs and toilets, and floor and wall surfaces. It is distinctive that Corian is a non-porous material that guarantees you a healthy climate, as we mentioned that Corian is a non-porous material and therefore does not keep any germs or bacteria.
Corian and the living room
If you want to modernize the living room from your home, the Koreans are among the options that guarantee you a comfortable and attractive atmosphere inside the room. The materials you will love in your home a lot


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